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Automated Synonym

Electronic mechanized done or made by machine. I am currently working on a neural network based approach to short document classification and since the corpuses I am working with are usually around ten words the standard statistical document classification.

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Definition of AUTOMATED adjective.

Automated synonym. Automatic laborsaving robotic self-acting self-operating self-regulating. To apply the principles of automation to a mechanical process industry office etc. What is the meaning of AUTONOMOUS.

Synonyms mechanized mechanical automated push-button preprogrammed computerized electronic robotic unmanned self-activating self-regulating self-directing self-executing. Mechanical mechanized automatic machine-driven self-closing mechano-electronic motorized semi-automated computerized real time self-lighting and more. What is the definition of AUTONOMOUS.

12 synonyms for automated. 100 Synonyms Antonyms for AUTOMATED. Synonyms for automated in Free Thesaurus.

Another word for AUTOMATION Synonyms Antonyms. Automatic rifle automatic machine submachine gun. Automated synonyms - 193 Words and Phrases for Automated.

Synonyms Antonyms for automated. Collocations which play a key role in the computation of the. The best 31 synonyms for automated including.

Use filters to view other words we have 619 synonyms for automatic. Visit the Thesaurus for More. Viewed 6k times 7 8.

Automatic synonym detection draws on the theory of distributional semantics which says in a nutshell that words that appear in the same context are similar in meaning. Methods for automated synonym detection. Automatic laborsaving robotic self-acting self-operating self-regulating.

ˈɔtəˌmeɪtɪd operated by automation. How do you use AUTONOMOUS in a sentence. Using or done by machines.

WordReference English Thesaurus 2021. The best 22 synonyms for automation including. Find another word for automated at YourDictionary.

Mechanical mechanized motorized computerized automatic electronic mechano-electronic programmed cybernetic untouched by. Active 6 years 5 months ago. Automatic automated mechanized power-driven.

What are synonyms for AUTONOMOUS. Definition and synonyms of automated from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. Sketch Engine already has a powerful feature of the word sketch to identify the typical word combinations ie.

Find 305 synonyms for automated and other similar words that you can use instead based on 7 separate contexts from our thesaurus. Automatic and automatic rifle. To control or operate by automation.

Similar words for Automated. To convert to automatic operation. Ask Question Asked 9 years 4 months ago.

Made performed or operated by machinery. Automated synonyms automated pronunciation automated translation English dictionary definition of automated. This is the British English definition of automatedView American English definition of automated.

Delmia industrialization hardware instrumentation golem mechanisation robot computerization self-regulation mechanization robotization and more. Automatic mechanical robot mechanized push-button self-regulating self-propelling self-activating self-moving self-acting. Automated automating automates v.

Change your default dictionary to American English. A small mechanical device that taps out the numbers.

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